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The school follows NCERT/CBSE curriculum from class 1 to class 12. The focus of the curriculum is to provide a holistic learning experience nurturing the head, the hands and the heart of the individual.


At pre-primary stage, the school aims to facilitate the learners with joyful experience which would nurture their intellectual and emotional health. The curriculum is age appropriate and provides the essential skills to promote visual, auditory and kinesthetic experiences. Along with the gross motor skills and fine motor skills, opportunities are given to relate to the real time world which would help in meaningful learning.

At the Primary stage the school follows the NCERT curriculum comprising of:

a. Three languages
b. Mathematics
c. General Sciences
d. Social Studies
e. Work Education
f. Art Education
g. Physical & Health Education

With the introduction of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, the school provides unlimited opportunities for informal learning, interactive learning, experiential learning and peer learning.

Music, Dance and arts are essential components of the learning process. The students are given opportunities to select and focus on their areas of interest.

At the secondary stage, the school follows the CBSE curriculum. The course content consists of
a. Three languages
b. Mathematics
c. General Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biological Sciences & Environment)
d. Social Studies (History, Geography, Political Sciences & Economics)
e. Work Education
f. Art Education
g. Physical & Health Education

The curriculum offers innumerable opportunities for curiosity, creativity, innovation and holistic development - physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual.
Senior School Stage

At the Senior School Stage, the school provides opportunities for learning the following subjects:
a. English
b. Tamil
c. Mathematics
d. Physics
e. Chemistry
f. Biology
g. Computer Sciences
h. Business Studies
i. Accountancy
j. Economics

Apart from the key knowledge inputs required for pursuit of excellence in academic performances, the school intends to empower them with self-esteem and self-confidence so that the students can meet the challenges of life with courage and conviction.


In addition to the regular curricular inputs, the school has optional learning opportunities in German language, Music, Dance and specific sports.


The school has a team of well-trained teachers who are empowered with skills for providing unlimited learning opportunities to the students in the classroom.

The focus of the pedagogy at the pre-primary level is on enabling cognitive, affective and psycho-motor domains through learning inputs comprising:

a. gross motor experiences-
b. fine motor experiences
c.  Sensory coordination
d. Visual. auditory and kinesthetic experiences 

Experiential learning for self-management, wellness, cleanliness and interpersonal communication are value additions
At the primary stage, the learners have abundant curiosity for learning about their immediate environment and the world. The classrooms at the primary level facilitate:

a. Interactive learning
b. Peer learning
c. Informal learning


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