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Sound mind in sound body

At our school students are encouraged very early to actively participate in sports and various co-curricular activities for which the school provides a wealth of opportunities. The students may choose to play one or more games like table tennis , shuttle, volley ball ,basket ball, skating, Kho Kho  and foot ball. Some of them choose to play carom and chess
Students explore the various options and along the way find their niche and enjoy developing their skills in the specific areas of their liking. Through this process, a different and integrated aspect of their personality is groomed.

Students from class I to XII are categorized into 4 houses namely Tilak, Tagore, Patel and Sarojini. Each house is lead by house master and mistress. House wise games & events are conducted for the students. Winners , runners and over all championship trophies are awarded to the students on sports day.

Work Education

The most important goal of education is to prepare children for life as adults and to impart knowledge, skills, qualities and attitudes which make them self-supportive individuals and productive citizens. Work Education is viewed as purposive and meaningful manual work,
organized as integral part of the learning process and resulting into goods or services useful to the community, besides the pleasure of self- fulfillment. Cookery, Mehandi, facial, Hair dressing, tie n dye, costume designing, washing the clothes & polishing the shoes were  some of tasks  taken up by the students of Std VI to X

Club activities

Have Fun! Join a club!
Clubs are formed to enhance the students’ creative talents and make them exuberant. It is functioning with myriads of tasks varying on the specific purpose of each respective club. It brings out the encouraging atmosphere and triggers students’ active involvement in learning. Clubs are functioning with variety of games which is intriguing and brainstorming one.

GSK clubs:

  1. Health & Wellness club
  2. English club
  3. Language club
  4. Math club
  5. Science club
  6. Philately club
  7. Cultural club
  8. Nature club
  9. Heritage club
  10. German club
  11. Quiz club


Competitions can boost confidence and morale of the students. Students always try to put their best in the competitions. It provides a myriad of opportunities, a platform to demonstrate the talent, a stepping-stone to achieve greater things in life.

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